Spanish for Geniuses: Grammar and vocabulary to get you speaking with fluency and confidence

Spanish for Geniuses Learn Advanced Spanish

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Discover Spanish phrases, grammar and vocabulary for every type of conversation

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Welcome to Spanish for Geniuses. I say ‘for Geniuses’ not because only a genius can learn a language but because the book offers Genius hacks to get you speaking fluently, quicker.

Spanish for Geniuses gives you the tools to say everything you are used to saying in English. Phrases range from encouraging; ‘!hace la fuerza!’ (‘give it some!’) to commiserating; ‘¡vaya tela!’ (‘what a nightmare!’), organising; ‘te quedo a las cinco,’ (‘I’ll meet you at 5pm’) and even receiving a joke; ‘¿!me tomas el pelo!?’ (‘are you kidding me?’).

Need help with grammar? No problem: part one covers all tenses, as well as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions, taught the Genius way with box-outs explaining the differences between English and Spanish to help you eliminate those ‘gringo’ mistakes.

What’s covered in the book

1# A comprehensive ‘How do you say?’ section covering phrases to use in all types of conversations, including how to talk about feelings and ideas, receive services, chat with friends, organise an event and even tell a joke.

2# Detailed explanations on all grammar, including verb tenses, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, participles and the subjunctive.

3# Box-outs highlighting the differences between English and Spanish grammar.

4# English-Spanish translation lists.

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Just some of our 5 star reviews

‘I really enjoyed using this book to refresh on the grammar fundamentals, however the really good thing about it is the simple way it teaches you more typical everyday words and phrases. This is so much more useful than the usual language book formats and gives lots of help with those in between words that help conversation flow more naturally,’ Frostiesfive-stars_small

‘A fantastic addition to assist my learning. It really is a great book.’ K Kingfive-stars_small

‘I have too say this is the BEST Spanish grammar book. I own many Spanish books teaching the Spanish language. What makes this one different is that she briefly explains how one would use or say the grammar point in English and then proceeds to tell you how you would say it in Spanish. Trust me this book has it all!’ Booklover five-stars_small