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How I learned Spanish with fewer than 12 paid lessons

We all know that learning to speak a foreign language is difficult. But with effort and time, it is possible. And you don’t have to pay a fortune for hundreds of lessons either. I speak Spanish fluently and I paid for less than a dozen lessons. This is how I did it.

The meanings of conseguir learn advanced Spanish

Spanish in 12 verbs: Conseguir, ponerse, volver a

Find out how to use three very useful verbs 'ponerse', 'conseguir' and 'volver a' in this lesson.

Spanish grammar and vocabulary: Tener

Spanish in 12 Verbs: Tener, quedarse, caerse

'Tener' means 'to have' in Spanish and as you can imagine it combines with lots of different nouns and adjectives to make lots of different expressions. Find out how to use it along with two other popular verbs: 'quedarse' and 'caerse.'

Spanish grammar and vocabulary: Pasar

Spanish in 12 Verbs: Sacar, pasar, querer

Pasar means ‘to happen.’ For example: ‘¿Qué ha pasado con los libros?’ – what happened to the books? But it also has lots of other meanings such as to pass time and to forget about something. Find out how to use it along with 'sacar' and 'querer,' here.

Spanish grammar and vocabulary: tomar

Spanish in 12 Verbs: Tomar, parecer, dar

Find out how to use the verbs 'tomar', 'dar' and 'parecer' to make hundreds of different expressions.