Spanish in 12 Verbs: Tener, quedarse, caerse

30th January 2017 / Uncategorised

Spanish grammar and vocabulary: Tener

'Tener' means 'to have' in Spanish and as you can imagine it combines with lots of different nouns and adjectives to make lots of different expressions. Find out how to use it along with two other popular verbs: 'quedarse' and 'caerse.'

Spanish in 12 Verbs: Sacar, pasar, querer

27th December 2016 / Spain

Spanish grammar and vocabulary: Pasar

Pasar means ‘to happen.’ For example: ‘¿Qué ha pasado con los libros?’ – what happened to the books? But it also has lots of other meanings such as to pass time and to forget about something. Find out how to use it along with 'sacar' and 'querer,' here.

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